Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Attorney: New York & New Jersey

Commercial litigation is unfortunately a fact of life for anyone involved in running a business and claims can come at you from all directions.

When it comes to litigation, you will want your attorney to be skilled, resourceful, and credible.

KISHNER & MILLER are all this and more because, when it comes to disputes affecting your business we have dealt extensively with commercial disputes of all types in the entire metropolitan area dating back since 1990

Our lead attorneys, Bryan Wayne Kishner and Ryan Miller, bring the solid credibility you need to demonstrate to your opponent that your case is serious and credible – a major factor affecting settlement.

Versatility is also our strength. Whether it be a contract dispute, a licensing fight, an employment problem, a trade secret theft, a trademark infringement, a shareholder or partner fight, a business dissolution, or a fraud or other commercial dispute, our attorneys are skilled and versatile in handling all such matters.

Our philosophy is to fight hard for you but also to help position a case for advantageous settlement. The one necessarily must precede the other. Commercial litigation cannot be swept aside. It must be dealt with. If you deal with it intelligently, you can get it behind you to move ahead with productive aspects of your business. Kishner & Miller are skilled and experienced and can help you achieve that goal.

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