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John H.

Manhattan, NY
5/26/2013 Updated review

My wife and I retained Bryan Kishner for our first real estate purchase (a co-op in Brooklyn).

He and his partner Ryan Miller were very quick to respond to emails, phone calls and our endless questions, and managed to bring us to a (relatively) pain free closing.

Bryan negotiated everything we wanted into the rider of our contract, and his fees were more than fair. Ryan was no-nonsense at closing and was a great guy. Hopefully when we sell our place for twice as much in a few years Bryan will be available on the other end of things.

Thanks Bryan!

Long Island City, NY
1/3/2013 Updated review

It is very clear to me, and hopefully to others who read the review below, that the person leaving this one star review is clearly biased and possibly even a competitor. If you have ever worked with Bryan Kishner, you would know that there is no way in the universe that he would ever behave that way. Also, question to yelp? What’s up with filtering all of the 5 star reviews that he received? I have reviewed a number of people, unlike the one star guy who only reviewed this one person. I have to think that his review is suspicious, not my own!

Anyways, for the rest of you real yelpers out there… Bryan Kishner is an amazing lawyer with a fundamental understanding of the law. He has fought for my rights with properties, co-ops, and purchasing of a home, and I have been very happy with him.

Mia N.

New York, NY
8/21/2013 Updated review

Ok, so this is confusing to me. Why is yelp filtering all his reviews? Why did they filter my review? They leave the one star guy with the one review and remove the five stars with many?

Anyways, for those of you who were able to figure out how to get through the filter and actually read this… Here is why I chose to use Bryan Kishner, and why I would use him again.

He was recommended to me when we were selling our first coop apartment in manhattan, our real estate broker from Douglas Elliman recommended him. From our first conversation, I was very comfortable with him. Needless to say, every thing went well and I moved on, no big deal.

Bryan’s talents really shone through when we were purchasing out first home. We put in an offer at asking and the broker was only going to get half commission because he had to share with my broker. He decided, sneaky as he was, that he was going to continue to show the property and have another open house.

I was crying, afraid, very pregnant and incredibly anxious. I called Bryan, he called the broker, and he was able to assure me that the broker was essentially wasting his own time not mine.

Years later, we have the house, and Bryan has been able to help us in so many ways. He helped us negotiate an awesome lease for our new business, and he is a great navigator at “real estate law” in every sense of the word.

Tony K.

Brooklyn, NY

I guess the first question I should ask is, why in the world is yelp filtering my review!!! This is upsetting to me and makes me wonder what the purpose of my writing any reviews is? Either way, for now I would like to reiterate that…. Mr. Kishner is VERY responsive! I originally hired Bryan for the sale of my Co-op, after speaking to a number of other attorneys, and I instantly felt comfortable with him. Every question I asked was answered quickly and clearly. The whole transaction went very smoothly and I would definitely use him again for any purchase or sale of real estate.

It wasn’t until years later, that I was knee deep into a business deal with a not so great partner, that I called him again. My partner wanted to sell his share to me, but kept trying to find ways out of him getting stuck in a contract… He would delay signing, try to change things at the last minute, and was basically as inefficient in contract as he was as a partner….

Bryan’s abilities were truly apparent in this particular situation. First of all, he seems to know most of the other real estate attorneys and has established relationships with them which is incredibly helpful. He was also able to word the contract in such a way that it was essentially contingent upon my loan to get the business, he negotiated with the landlord of the building on my behalf, and basically stood up for me as a human. It is not likely that I will ever look elsewhere for a real estate attorney again. This guy knows his business and helped me so that I could own my own business!

Amelia S.

Astoria, NY
Buying coops, selling condos, firing negligent contractors, negotiating deals with landlords, and all the other scary stuff that is the world of real estate law… This guy does those things in his sleep. He eats contracts for breakfast, and he negotiates leases for lunch. If he happens to get a little hungry later, he might decide to defend a foreclosure proceeding for dinner. For real. He knows real estate like the back of his hand. I have been selling properties for years, and I know when it is time to get the law involved, I contact Bryan Kishner. I have recommended him to a number of my friends and business associates, and all have thanked me for the recommendation.
Lucy P.

Staten Island, NY
Bryan Kishner was my lawyer when I sold my coop in manhattan he was very reasonable and always available to take my calls with any questions or concerns.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.
Vladimir T.

Manhattan, NY
I was looking for an attorney who specializes in real estate for coop purchase. When I called Ryan O. Miller I have already fired one lawyer who was all talk and no action. Ryan was straightforward and very action oriented. He always had a good advice and I felt that with him I had someone in my corner during this transaction. Ryan kept the real estate agents, building manager and mortgage brokers on their feet and was always asked tough questions. We closed the transaction successfully and I could not recommend him more, particularly for people without previous experience in buying coops in NY.
Tali N.

Manhattan, NY

We recently almost bought a coop, bought a coop, fired a negligent contractor and sold our previous coop with the help of Bryan Kishner. Working with Bryan was UNEQUIVOCALLY THE BEST part of this somewhat torturous process. Despite my not being the easiest client, Bryan remained PATIENT and in his FRIENDLY and CALM manner explained the relevant issues in a remarkably clear manner. His MASTERY of the law was comprehensive and his application of the law was ETHICAL. While dealing with brokers etc who did not always have our best interests at heart, I know Bryan ADVOCATED FOR MY FAMILY fully.

I have complete confidence in his legal knowledge, his moral behavior and his commitment to his clients. The only part of the ‘Manhattan real estate scene’ that I will miss is him!

I recommend Bryan Kishner and his staff without reservation.